About Us

Sanchit Investment is a money managing house associated in 1992 by Mr. Rajeev Kumar Agarwal (B.Com, MBA, C.M. Club Member LIC,AMFI Certified, UMAX Club Member by UIIC) Sanchit Investment is serving more then 5500 Life's and dealing in MF,LIC,GIC and Health insurance means all financial solution in a roof. 

At Sanchit Investment we manage your money and planning your financial security are no easy tasks. Time constraints, tax laws that are constantly changing and a confusing assortment of investment options - all present roadblocks for most people seeking to manage their finances in a profitable way.As an experienced private investment advisor, we are able to offer high - performance financial products that help you take right financial decisions.

At Sanchit Investment, you take the first step towards ensuring financial success. Your Benefits with Sanchit Investment you are never just a single individual looking to grow your wealth. Because Sanchit Investment is a little more than just a wealth advisory service. We are a partner. A partner who disburse the time to understand you and your needs. It's a partner who takes ownership of your financial goals and does everything it can to ensure you reach them. We stretch out to our privileged clients in more ways than one, so all your investment related operational issues will no longer be a bother.

We understand that every client comes to us with her or his own unique concerns, needs and financial situation. Often, our client's worries are aggravated because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. Yet, there is the recognition that one's financial well- being is tied to constantly fluid capital markets, ever-changing tax and pension laws and an endless proliferation of product choices. Sorting fact from fiction in the overwhelming din of information now available just adds to the stress.